2 Extra Features to Look for in a Salon POS System

Whether you're opening a new salon or you're trying to improve the management of an existing one, a great point of sale system (also known as a POS system) will be your best friend. The main function of any POS system is to take payments from customers, but nowadays many systems come with additional features. Here are two to look out for if you want your salon to run smoothly and make you as much money as possible. [Read More]

Electronic Weighing Scale Installation Tips

The profitability of your manufacturing plant may rely heavily on how accurately your electronic weighing scales are functioning. That is why it is important for you to set them up in such a way that they will perform as expected. This article discusses some tips that will enable you to set up your weighing scales so that they give you accurate readings each time you use them. Keep Them Away from Vibrations [Read More]

Accuracy matters: Selecting the best pipette calibration company

If you've got a laboratory, then one of the major concerns you need to have would be the accuracy of your readings. Having the right measurements would not only help you get better results, but it will also reduce wastage that results from inaccuracy. The calibration on your lab equipment has to be done right, and you need to choose the best service providers for this. Pipettes are used in transferring small amounts of liquids so accuracy is crucial. [Read More]